Pottery of Mexico Vol 2: Trees of Life

tol-cover.jpg Pottery of Mexico Vol 2:  Trees of Life



Pottery of Mexico Vol 1: Pineapples

cover.jpgPottery of Mexico Vol 1:  Pineapples of
Patamban and San José de Gracia

Pottery has been made both for use and decoration in Mexico
since pre-columbian times, and in many villages the same methods
and traditions are still in use today.  Michoacán state, located in
the southwestern part of Mexico, is especially rich in crafts-produc-
ing villages each one with its unique product.  Most work is for local
consumption though some produce grander works for a wider
audience.  In this video, a potter and a filmmaker work together to
beautifully document potters in two neighboring villages:  
Patamban and San José de Gracia.

 This documentary covers how the potters produce their low-fire pieces
from start to finish. Local clay is collected, processed, shaped in bisque molds, embellished with applied sprig textures, and then fired in wood-burning kilns. The film also reveals a culture of sustainability in which each generation gathers its materials locally and creates  tools from what is at hand.


Run time:  40 minutes 
© Troy Lanier and Lisa Orr
All rights reserved
Produced by Lisa Orr  
Directed and Edited by Troy Lanier